As you may or may not know, I not only coach brides, but “regular” people as well!  This Sunday, I’m running a wonderful 90-minute workshop in the Cool Springs area (yes, there will still be PLENTY of time to go to the Bridal Show!  In fact, I’ll be there with The Thirty Something Bride.)  If it’s for you, great!  If not, pass it on!

Creating a Great Life Workshop!
Sunday, July 12
11am – 12:30pm
The Woodhouse Day Spa

Work with life and personal results coach, Liza Hippler, of Sol Compass Coaching on clearing out and building your personal foundation. You’ll go over four main areas of life, figure out what’s working, what isn’t and come up with a plan to get all gears running smoothly. This workshop is perfect for anyone, no matter how successful or unsuccessful you feel in your life at the moment. Guaranteed to be fun, productive and inspiring!

PROMISES: I promise you’ll have a breakthrough in some area of your life!  I promise you’ll get a new approach to looking at goals!  And I promise you’ll have a clearer sense of where to go next in your life!

FEE: $20 (payable cash or check)
WHERE: The Woodhouse Day Spa, Franklin
1175 Meridian Blvd., Suite 100, Franklin, 37067
Check out The Woodhouse Day Spa’s Events Calendar for other great workshops throughout the summer!
SIGN UP: Either email Liza at or contact The Woodhouse via email at or via phone at 615.764.0004.

NEXT UP…hop on over to The Thirty Something Bride‘s blog!  She’s doing a FANTASTIC giveaway for two tickets to this weekend’s massive bridal show!  (Tickets sponsored by Jonahan Campbell Photography. Heart.)

Click here to see what you need to do to win!  Here’s a hint:


It’s my favorite!  Looks like an old 1950s ad.  Love it.



Not too long ago, I was “splashed” by the lovely and fabulous Thirty-Something Bride.  TSB, thank you so much!  I have secretly been longing to be splashed or to receive some sort of blog awad, so I now feel validated!  🙂

Here are a few blogs that I think are great for various reasons:

1. Little Spoon, Big Spoon This is a site where these two engaged love birds are doing something that’s rarely seen…they’re both blogging.  And it seems to be pretty equal blogging.  It’s refreshing and endering to hear both sides as they walk this path called engagement.

2. McKinney-Oates Cereal I splash this blog because it is so higly amusing.  Marie’s witty writing captures a lot of what the day-to-day life in the married world is like.  A little ridiculous, pretty simple and a lot of heart.

3. The Perfect Pallette This blog is inspirational and so easy to use!  It’s set up for brides to scroll through and get inspired by various color combinations and examples of how to use them in fantastic ways.  And, even though it’s set up for weddings, it can be used for ANYTHING!  The husband and I may be getting a house soon, and I’ve been using it for interior decorating inspiration!

4. Misadventures of a Newlywed It’s funny, timely, hearfelt and honest.  AND, she has Menu Mondays where you can get ideas to get out eating (and eventually loathing) the same 6 dishes all the time.  She’s shared about her faulty uterus and the surgery she went though and her recovery.  And through all that, she’s positive and funny and honest.  I love it.

5. Gekd Boutique She’s a wedding planner and designer of all things wedding.  Her blog has a lot of great inspiration.  My favorite thing about it is that she has playlist entries where she posts wonderful wedding songs WITH all the lyrics.  It’s something I haven’t seen done before and think is just wonderful

There’s one blog that I want to put on my list, after much debate.  It’s a hugely popular blog.  The woman who writes it  is also a best-selling author and she and her husband live off the money her blog makes.

A little note about me: I tend to be one of those people that doesn’t want to do the super “popular” thing.  But, eventually, I do.  I didn’t want to read The DaVinci Code.  After much balking, I did.  I didn’t want to get an iPod. So I got a Zen.  Don’t have an iPod, but wouldn’t be opposed to one.  And, the big one, I did NOT want to read the Harry Potter books.  I didn’t start them until the 4th one was out.  And now, I can’t talk enough about how amazing, heartbreaking and magical they are.

So, this blog.  I was told about this blog by a friend.  When I first went on, I only saw crude things (I am not opposed to crude.  I often got laughs on the Second City LA stage being crude), but I didn’t see how it could be so popular.  Her bio seemed egotostical.  I was put off.  Then, I noticed she was about to have a baby, so I started to read since the hubby and I are planning to start trying in the fall.  As I read, I was fascinated with the detail.  Then, she had her baby.  And her posts were amazingly touching, honest, very…well…human.  Her posts with the photos of her dog are hilarious.  I know she won’t ever know I splashed her.  And I still have this weird thing about helping out the “already popular” (maybe because I was such a nerd in middle school!), but there is a reason she is read by so many.  So, I splash

I’m sure there are more, but I wanted to make sure I got this post out!

The Splash Award is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive and inspiring blogs. When you receive this award you must:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate up to 9 blogs which allure, amuse, bewitch, impress or inspire you.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let your nominees know that they have been splashed by commenting on their blog


Put together by the lovely Sarah Elizabeth and hosted by Ashley’s Bride Guide.  Should be a great way for brides to meet and talk about all things wedding and bridal!  For more information, click here.


Brides, get excited about this fun and amazing giveaway!

What are we giving away, you ask?

All this has a value of over $350!

Now the big question! How do you win?!!

Just tell us one word you would use to describe the wedding experience you’re dreaming of and why.

You can submit that to one of two places:

1. Right here for all to see by leaving a comment on this post
2. In private to

We’ll post the winner on Sunday, July 12th right here!

(Don’t let this keep you from getting your Unabridged Bride, ticket, though!  They’re selling fast and there’s only one winner for the contest!  If you win and have already bought your ticket, we’ll give you a check for $25).

Have fun and good luck!

It’s been a little over a year since I got married.  My wedding binder with color swatches, lists of potential vendors and contracts sits about 2.5 feet away from me under my desk.  There are menus and programs, unused envelopes and thank you cards, the boxes I made for “Wedding Wishes” and a guest list in a box in my bedroom closet.  In another box in the hall sits a box with my wedding shoes, a box with our toasting flutes, a box with our cake knife and server, our wedding ring boxes in a bag from Robins Bros., a box with our LED tealights, hanging tealight holders and clear, green and light green marbles that went in the hanging tealight holders.



When is it time to get rid of all this?  Is it ever?  Do we just get some big on sale Tupperware piece from Walmart to throw it all into until random days when we feel like looking at it?  Isn’t our photo album enough?  I can pretty much guarantee that no one else really cares about seeing it again – maybe my daugher if I have one.

Do we create some ritualistic ceremony around the removal of wedding remains?  Should we burn it all and keep it in an urn?  That’s a little ridiculous, but not too far off the mark when it comes to the emotional attachment that’s there for these pieces of paper, tealights and marbles.

If we get rid of everything, is it bad karma?  Is it like throwing away the days that were our weddings?  Because it kind of feels like letting go of the magic.  In a way.  In it’s beauty, in-perfectness and uniqueness, it had magic.

When is it time to throw it away?  I have no idea.  I haven’t done it yet.  I’ve seen the space these boxes take up.  I’ve know that I could totally re-use that binder.  And I just can’t do it yet.

I feel like that scene from Pretty Woman when she goes shopping on Rodeo for the first time and she’s like, “I have all…this money… and no one…will take it…no one will take it!”

That gives me an idea!  There should absolutely be a Wedding Fairy.  She’d be kind of like the tooth fairy.  One night, when you feel you’re kind of ready (screw being totally ready), you put all your wedding stuff that you’ll never use again under your pillow.  Well, that would be massively uncomfortable.

OOHH!! No!  I’ve got an even better idea.  There’s a wedding TREE that you have!  Like a Christmas tree.  You can decorate it will all your wedding leftovers.  Make it fancy and pretty.  For things that don’t hang normally on the tree, wrap them up in beautiful wedding paper and put them under the tree.  Take TONS of photos.  Definitely photos of you and your husband in front of it.  Then, pop some champagne and start drinking because, no matter what, it’s going to hurt in the morning.  The Wedding Fairy comes that night.  Leave her some champagne and a note if you want.  It’s like reverse Santa Claus.  She comes and takes all your wedding stuff.  You get up, and all that’s left is the tree.  Well, maybe she should take the tree, too.  Otherwise, we be all, “Who wants to look at my Wedding Fairy tree for the millionth time?”

And that’s it.  Painless.  Kind of.  No pouring your stuff into a trash bag and throwing it into the dumpster.  It’s all taken care of in a very lovely way, like wedding stuff should.  Each family can create their own story as to what the Wedding Fairy does with all the lanterns, birds nests, candle holders and placecards.

I think it’s a great idea.  Until I finally decide when it’s a good time to get rid of all my wedding stuff, I’ll just keep asking the Wedding Fairy to come and take it to a better place.

Any and all brides in the Nashville area on Thursday night, July 16th, consider yourself officially invited to The Unabridged Bride: A Workshop.  We’re so excited about it!  It’s something the wedding industry has never seen, aimed at creating a well-rounded and knowledgable bride!

Click here for all the details!


Big thanks to Ashley’s Bride Guide for listing my “Asking for What You Want” post under Helpful Nashville Bridal Blogs!  Thanks, Ashley!


Coming back from the honeymoon can be a very weird thing, especially if you went immediately from your wedding to your honeymoon.  (Some people wait a few months.)  You’ve been on this roller coaster ride called getting ready for the wedding for a few months, a  year or longer.  You experienced increasing excitement/nervousness/wedding high in the weeks leading up to the big day, then in the few days leading up to the big day.  You picked up your dress, paid your final payments, hung out with your ladies, had the oh-God-can-you-believe-we’re-getting-married-in-whatever-amount-of-days-or-hours talk several times with your fiance and family and friends.

Then, it happens.  The wedding is upon you.  You’ve got your rehearsal dinner.  IT has begun.  And not the creepy clown.  Some people do a full-on weekend of celebration.  Your wedding day is full of emotion, full of family and friends – it’s surreal and flies by.  You and your new hubby sweep off to your honeymoon for days or weeks.  You’re in a romantic setting where you place your hands side-by-side to see your wedding rings next to each other, you tell people you just got married so you can hear them congratulate you, you kiss, you share drinks with little umbrellas in them, you consummate your marriage in all kinds of ways.  You swim with the dolphins by day and dance by night.

Then, you come home.  You get picked up at the airport and drive home.  You pull up to that same front door that you’ve pulled up for who knows how long.  You get out and roll your luggage to your front door, looking around and thinking that you’d rather be going back to your hotel room.  The same people you see every day are around.  Nothing has changed around you in the world at home.

You walk in and your place is a little musty from leaving all the windows closed for so long.  It’s dark so you’ve got to turn on the lights.  There’s no food in the fridge, so pizza it is.

And then you see it.  Your dress.  Hanging up.  Or maybe thrown over your bed.  The dress that you said, “I do” in.  And maybe you see your flowers because you decided to hang them upside down before you left.  And they’re all dried out.  They don’t have the life that they did on your wedding day.  A sadness sweeps over you that it’s all over.  That you’ll never wear that dress again.  Or, if you do, never in the same context.  All those months of planning and arranging and talking about what was coming…and now it’s just dried flowers and a white dress.  You want to cry a little.  You’re wondering if it’s wrong to be so sad at this moment.  You certainly don’t want to deal with the question of whether or  not to throw out your flowers.   When you think about hanging up your dress, you don’t think your closet is worthy of it.  Can it really just sit in there next to all your ordinary dresses?  But you don’t just want to leave it where it is.

And then you look at your husband.  And you realize you’re married.  To this guy.  To the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.  And it’s one of the first times you realize that marriage isn’t going to be flowers and pretty white dresses.  Sometimes it’s a musty smell, dead flowers, pizza and American Idol.  Every day can’t be lunch on white sandy beaches.  Sometimes it’s ordinary.  And, in this moment, you see that both can exist and you can still be you.  And you can still be a team.  And you hug your husband.  And he hugs you.  And maybe you cry because you’re sad and happy at the same time.

And you roll your luggage into the bedroom.  As you begin to unpack, he goes to check his email.  And it’s just everyday living.  And then you pull out that bag you had to buy to hold all the other stuff you were buying on your honeymoon.  And you go in and show him how ridiculously ugly it is.  And you two laugh.  And you’ve got your first honeymoon joke, refelction, memory.  You’ve begun creating memories and inside jokes as a married couple.  It’s little, but it’s huge, too.

Once you unpack and he’s done checking his favorite websites, you look at eachother and discover you are…hungry!  It’s been a long day of travel and the end of many days of excitement.  So, you call up to your favorite pizza place, order your favorite topping and settle in to share a relaxing evening before heading back to the daily routine of life.

And your marriage really begins.

June 26, 27: Premarital Workshop


Bound Together Premarital Education Workshop is a total of 4 hours of premarital education that will satisfy the requirements for a Tennessee Premarital Completion Certificate. Not only will you save $60 on your marriage license, you will also learn skills that are needed for a successful marriage.
Dates: June 26th & 27th
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Fee: $60
Contact: Marie McKinney-Oates at

Marie is absolutely lovely and really makes premarital counseling fun & enjoyable.  I highly recommend this workshop!  Check out her blog, too.

The Unabridged Bride: A Workshop


Brides, get excited about this workshop for brides that you’ve never seen before!
It’s three hours devoted to setting you, the bride, up for wedding and marriage success!

You’ll hear from: Ashley King of Ashley’s Bride Guide, CJ Dickson of CJ’s Off the Square & Williamson County Weddings, Marie McKinney-Oates of Nashville Marriage Studio and me, Liza Hippler of Maiden to Married.

Date: July, TBD
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: CJ’s Off the Square, Franklin
More details coming soon…!

Elegance Bridal Gala


Thursday, August 13
6pm – 9pm
Little Black Dress Attire (how fun is that?)

It’s a new kind of elegant bridal show where you can interact with the vendors.  Get your makeup done, create mini-invitations, see yourself on a reality-style video!

Also, stop by and see me at the Maiden to Married booth! We can sit for a few minutes and fill out a questionnaire that’ll help you see where the transition from singlehood to wife could be most impactful for you!

Visit the Elegance Bridal Gala website!

Feel free to email me at or leave a comment if you’ve got any questions or comments about any of the above events.