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Thanks to Taira as Baughman Media Works, I have a clip of Tuesday’s Talk of the Town to share with you!  It’s all about what to expect at Thursday’s Elegance Bridal Gala.  (I’m somewhere in the middle.)  Enjoy!  Hope to see you Thursday!

(OK, I tried to put it in my html code, but it didn’t work.  Don’t have time to figure out what I’m doing wrong – lame.  ANYWAY, here’s a link to my website and you can see it on my home page: Maiden to Married.)

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The Unabridged Bride website is up and running!  All the pages aren’t done yet (as you will see), but it’s up!  Take a look!  Share your thoughts!  Oh, and any bride who went to the last on in July is invited to any/all of the 3 nights of this next one fo’ FREE!

Tuesday, August 11th!  11am, News Channel 5.  Apparently, I forgot to mention the date.  🙂

This morning I filmed a segment for News Channel 5’s Talk of the Town (weekdays at 11am).  It was for the Elegance Bridal Gala – the experiential bridal show that’s coming up on Thursday.  The shoot was super fun – albeit super fast, too!  There were 6 of us vendors picked to be the show with EBG creator extraordinaire, Austin, and we had to arrive at 7:30am.  Which meant I had to get up at 5:45am.  I don’t really do 5:45.  I don’t really do most times before about 8:30am (ok, 9am really).  I’m just not functional.  Or, if I MUST be functional (and I would say today qualified to a great degree as needing to be functional), then I require a nap later in the day to keep from dozing off in the middle of conversations or while driving.  Which I took.  With my made-of-love Daschund/Terrier mutt, Sampson.

BUT, back to the show!  It’s set up to be a representation of the Gala.  Us vendors arrived and set up our tables (I was done setting up in all of, oh, 7 minutes or less).  We were all also asked to bring one of our bridal clients to help give the feel of actually being at the show.  I brought the always lovely and lively Becoming Mrs. Dial.

The TV folks showed up around 9:30.  We BRIEFLY went over what we were all to do.  Since my business is something few can explain at all, let alone succintely, I got to do the talking for my part.  And then we started shooting.  ANDIT WENTBYLIKETHAT.  It was that fast.  I don’t know, MAYBE 5 minutes.  Seriously.  And then we started tearing down our mock booths!

Now, I know you’re all going: WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE ON???  LIZA!!  TELL ME!!  Ok, fine.  It’s schedule to air at 11am CST on News Channel 5.   After that, it goes on their website for a while, so I will most definitely have a link.

The only part I thought I messed up is that I didn’t mention my company name, Maiden t0 Married!  What was I thinking! Well, when you see it you’ll see how super duper fast it went.  But, the lady  who interviewed us took our cards and said she’d put our name and company info at the bottom of the screen, so that’s nice.

Can’t wait to see it!  Look, Mom, I’m on TV!!!

The next Unabridged Workshop is set!  So exciting!  We’re rolling out some new ideas this time and reformatting it a bit.  Oh, and there’s a new logo!


The Savviest Way to Prepare for Your Wedding & Marriage!

This time around it’s going to be three Thursdays in September – 10, 17 and 24th.  The event is being held at the Aloft Hotel where the Brides’ Night Out was recently.

I don’t want to spoil all the fun, but I will give a little teaser as to what to expect:

  • GIVEAWAY: Free Night at the Aloft Hotel (there will be more giveaways, too!)
  • Participate in a  workout and learn about staying/getting in shape for your wedding!
  • The third week: BRING YOUR FIANCE NIGHT!!  Some REALLY great stuff this night!

For more information, keep your eyes out here and keep checking the soon-to-be-up UB website: