I’m guessing that if you have been online AT ALL in the past several days, you are likely to have run into this youtube video.  If you haven’t, you must watch it.  Immediately. I don’t even care that it’s been posted everywhere and it’s fast becoming the wedding entrance heard round the world.  It’s so brilliantly celebratory.  It’s brilliantly non-traditional.  It made gave me a Cheshire cat grin and put a tear in my eye.

One of the vendors I work with, CJ, from CJ’s Off the Square, talks about brides being “tortured by tradition.”  Well, be prepared to see one couple that worked past THAT issue!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what this group did.  Just goes to show that your wedding should be about YOU.  What’s important to YOU and YOUR FIANCE?  That’s all that matters.

It makes me want to go back and do my wedding ceremony all over again – especially since my dad is such a kick-ass dancer!