I know I said we’d post this yesterday, but we just kept debating on who would be the winner (that I was at the big bridal show all day)! Everyone’s words were SO great and appropriate and personal. It was a delight reading them, and I think each person who entered has something wonderful to add to each other person.But, we had to choose someone….we chose Kristin! Here is what Kristin wrote:

I would use the word “fun” to describe my perfect wedding. Neither my fiance or I want a stressful wedding so whether or not we have a ceremony, reception or just elope, we will have fun. For the past eight years I have never been around someone who can always make me laugh and smile no matter what type of mood I am in. So regardless of the details our wedding will be “fun”.

We thought it was a great word considering how certain things today (such as the economy) are getting people down. It’s so nice to always remember to have fun and enjoy each day, especially your wedding day, as much as possible. So, congratulations, Kristin! We can’t wait to meet you on Thursday!

But, like I said, we did LOVE everyone’s word, so we want to offer something for everyone! We’ve got FREE seats for ALL of you at Thursday’s Unabridged Bride event! We want to meet the women who submitted such telling words and share with you what we’ve got.

If you have any questions or want to RSVP, you can do so on this site or to Liza at liza@maidentomarried.com.

AND, SOMETHING WONDERFUL FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO ATTEND, BUT DIDN’T ENTER: We’re slashing the price! We decided to make it more “economy friendly” so that, like Kristin said, we can all have fun! Check out the Unabridged Bride info page for pricing, time, directions and other details.

We are so excited to meet all you brilliant Nashville brides!!