It’s been a little over a year since I got married.  My wedding binder with color swatches, lists of potential vendors and contracts sits about 2.5 feet away from me under my desk.  There are menus and programs, unused envelopes and thank you cards, the boxes I made for “Wedding Wishes” and a guest list in a box in my bedroom closet.  In another box in the hall sits a box with my wedding shoes, a box with our toasting flutes, a box with our cake knife and server, our wedding ring boxes in a bag from Robins Bros., a box with our LED tealights, hanging tealight holders and clear, green and light green marbles that went in the hanging tealight holders.



When is it time to get rid of all this?  Is it ever?  Do we just get some big on sale Tupperware piece from Walmart to throw it all into until random days when we feel like looking at it?  Isn’t our photo album enough?  I can pretty much guarantee that no one else really cares about seeing it again – maybe my daugher if I have one.

Do we create some ritualistic ceremony around the removal of wedding remains?  Should we burn it all and keep it in an urn?  That’s a little ridiculous, but not too far off the mark when it comes to the emotional attachment that’s there for these pieces of paper, tealights and marbles.

If we get rid of everything, is it bad karma?  Is it like throwing away the days that were our weddings?  Because it kind of feels like letting go of the magic.  In a way.  In it’s beauty, in-perfectness and uniqueness, it had magic.

When is it time to throw it away?  I have no idea.  I haven’t done it yet.  I’ve seen the space these boxes take up.  I’ve know that I could totally re-use that binder.  And I just can’t do it yet.

I feel like that scene from Pretty Woman when she goes shopping on Rodeo for the first time and she’s like, “I have all…this money… and no one…will take it…no one will take it!”

That gives me an idea!  There should absolutely be a Wedding Fairy.  She’d be kind of like the tooth fairy.  One night, when you feel you’re kind of ready (screw being totally ready), you put all your wedding stuff that you’ll never use again under your pillow.  Well, that would be massively uncomfortable.

OOHH!! No!  I’ve got an even better idea.  There’s a wedding TREE that you have!  Like a Christmas tree.  You can decorate it will all your wedding leftovers.  Make it fancy and pretty.  For things that don’t hang normally on the tree, wrap them up in beautiful wedding paper and put them under the tree.  Take TONS of photos.  Definitely photos of you and your husband in front of it.  Then, pop some champagne and start drinking because, no matter what, it’s going to hurt in the morning.  The Wedding Fairy comes that night.  Leave her some champagne and a note if you want.  It’s like reverse Santa Claus.  She comes and takes all your wedding stuff.  You get up, and all that’s left is the tree.  Well, maybe she should take the tree, too.  Otherwise, we be all, “Who wants to look at my Wedding Fairy tree for the millionth time?”

And that’s it.  Painless.  Kind of.  No pouring your stuff into a trash bag and throwing it into the dumpster.  It’s all taken care of in a very lovely way, like wedding stuff should.  Each family can create their own story as to what the Wedding Fairy does with all the lanterns, birds nests, candle holders and placecards.

I think it’s a great idea.  Until I finally decide when it’s a good time to get rid of all my wedding stuff, I’ll just keep asking the Wedding Fairy to come and take it to a better place.