Just wanted to share this AMAZING photo from Jonathan Campbell!  We went to the Thirty-Something Bride‘s place last night to help her taste her lovely wine for wedding potential.  And, just as she stated her blog, I HAD to post this photo, too!  You should have seen the lighting.  It was horrific – for a photo at least.  Great for wine tasting, cheese eating and wedding chatting.  Not so good for people flattering.  And Jonathan refused to use any kind of artificial light – all natural, he said!  He also said the lens was some kind of lens that would make us all look awesome.  I admit, I was slightly skeptical.  Well, skepticism be gone!  This photo rocks.  I feel like it should be on the cover of a magazine.  A magazine highlighting how awesome everyone in it is.


From left to right: Ashley from THE Ashley’s Bride Guide, Sharon Campbell (Jonathan’s wife), Tabitha of Life a la Mode, Louise who is THE Thirty-Something Bride and, in the way back, the Candyman (Louise’s fiance), and, yes, moi, with a perfectly poised left hand, I might add.

Great night!  Great people!  Making the wedding world wonderful!